The kitchen is the perfect place to listen to the trends and desires of family members. It is the only place that the family ‘unfolds’ and grows up with grandmother’s memories and adds new ones … It is the busiest place in the house to embrace the stylish, old-fashioned artifacts and period furniture.

‘So, with nostalgia and romance from Silves, we created vintage style polymer doors for lovers of the genre. The kitchen below is a suggestion and idea for a vintage style kitchen.We transform your kitchen into a friendly, nostalgic, romantic space but with the freshness of the season !

All the doors, showcases, special cellar shelves, the perfect open shelf and all the details like the special porcelain door handles, the special tiles with vintage style you see in the pictures below in the kitchen compose a harmonious effect and give exactly what we want.

Kitchen Furniture – Kitchen Doors: SILVES

Polymeric Kitchen Door: Τ14  COLOR: 50 Αvoirio Ash

Exhibition Cuisine: Kitchen Garden 



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