Silves Thermofoils are distinguished for their great durability over time, competitive prices, resistance to moisture, no need for maintenance, scratch resistance and a wide variety of designs and colors.

The polymer doors of our company Silves have technological expertise combined with design excellence. We offer at our doors an architectural splendor !!! Silves polymer doors are distinguished by their long resistance to time, competitive prices, moisture resistance as they do not require maintenance, scratch resistance and best of all, we have a wide variety of designs and colors available.

All our doors have the following technical characteristics:

1.Spin foil across the door sex
2.Foil spin on case and sill
3.Filling of door leaf with sound insulation – thermal insulation material type STYROFOAM.
4.Sound insulation – Thermal insulation
5.Extremely high resistance to moisture due to the application of the Thermofoil process which, in addition to the surface, coats the sole of the frame, the sills and the door leaf, without additional joints. Essentially, the lining on the undersides is a continuation of the lining of the surface
6.Case oval / square
7.AGB mediana lock, rubber, adjustable 3D AGB hinges.

See all our doors here


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