The Vintage kitchen with corian counter was created to give the feeling of a warm, friendly and relaxing space inside the house and to break the contrast of the harsh and faceless urban environment.

The vintage kitchen remains an attractive kitchen creation proposal that many simply … love this style !!! So is the following kitchen with the vintage polymer doors. The door in color  50 – Avorio Ash with the revised design and the special metal handle – knobs is a new addition to this series of polymer doors. Bright colors come to warm the kitchen by welcoming guests, which is why the choice of red elements, such as red kitchen chairs and green fridge. The unique corian kitchen counter in light gray color is the best choice for dirt and stains on the kitchen counter as it is not a porous material and does not allow anything to penetrate. We want and the kitchen counter should always be the cleanest space !!! Its advantages: 100% Antibacterial & antimicrobial, non-absorbent, without joints and compounds that give uniformity to the construction and do not stain.

The new fashion in kitchen decoration!!!

Kitchen furniture – Kitchen doors: SILVES

Polymer Kitchen Door: 50 – Avorio Ash

Door design: T11

Kitchen Renovation: Systema di Cucina

Kitchen photography:

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