What are polymer kitchen doors? What are the advantages of the material and what applications does it have?

The company Silves is a pioneer in the Greek market in the field of kitchen furniture as we have been producing polymer kitchen doors for 22 years. In addition to kitchen doors, we produce interior doors and wardrobes, which are lined with polymeric material (thermofoil) for the last 12 years. Our production is available both in Greece and abroad.

The polymer doors of our company (SILVES) are the best on the market…. We are able to support it, because we know exactly the quality, durability, design, colors and all the details that are necessary to create a perfect kitchen….

That is why we guarantee in all our kitchens that with the right use “you marry your kitchen

  • The polymer doors of our company are available in a wide variety of colors.
  • Available in modern and classic designs – embossed, matte and glossy.
  • They can be cleaned with all cleaners except glossy doors that can be cleaned with a soft cloth and neutral cleaners.
  • All the doors have a perfect fit in any small or large kitchen space

Polymer sheet is a special PVC coating used to make doors. In this way and many other technical details of the company SIVES, we ensure a material for your kitchen furniture that has an unrivaled character with the industrial kitchen door.

  • The biggest advantage of polymer doors is their resistance to moisture and water.
  • SILVES polymer doors do not have seams in the socks (the 4 side sides) and their side sides are lined as a continuation of the same surface material. This, in addition to the great advantage of the excellent resistance of the doors to moisture, creates a beautiful aesthetic result with a perfect finish at the edges without joints.
  • Another advantage over other industrial doors is that they are produced not only on flat surfaces, but also in classic designs and modern ones.
  • There is a plethora of classic designs with their accessories (frames, showcases, etc.), and in modern designs there are several designs in handfuls, thus creating compositions without knobs, something that is also practical in fashion in recent years.
  • Resistance to scratches
  • No maintenance required
  • It is a certified ecological product. The raw materials we use (PVC, MDF) comply with the strictest suitability standards, as they are free of toxic substances and are the most ideal for the interior of the home and business premises.
  • Competitive costing
    We at SILVES are able to know very well what the sensitivities of the product are during its production and thus be able to produce extremely durable products.

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