All kitchen furniture companies present the trends and styles that will determine the style of kitchens for each year that follows, in order for the renovation of the house to be a pleasant anticipation.

Silves, through its long history, managed to be in Greece the leading Greek company for the production and manufacture of kitchen doors from MDF with Thermofoil coating (polymer doors). The modern kitchens that we present, have another unique innovative design that has stolen many hearts! Kitchens that combine modern linear lines with the minimalist surface, as they hide a discreet opening in the thin recesses. They have excellent ergonomics and functionality and so can replace the classic knobs worthily.
This feature allows the fingers to pass and open the doors easily and quickly. Kitchen furniture with built-in handful, ie kitchen without knobs!

The Gola system that is used with a carved aluminum profile has a higher cost, while the doors that we suggest with a recess made of the same material in the same color shade of the doors, have a lower cost and are superior aesthetically. The polymer doors with integrated handful are an innovation of the company Silves. A perfect fit in any kitchen.

The polymer doors with the built-in handles, are applied to the opening doors, to the drawers, but also to the vertical high cupboard doors. So you have no restrictions when designing your new kitchen!

A high quality product, where it changes the meaning of style and design and has undoubtedly made a revolution in the design of the modern kitchen.

Contact the cooperating SILVES stores throughout Greece. There our partners will be happy to serve you and shape with you themodern kitchen of your dreams !!!

Silves Polymer Door – Design: E1
Polymer Door Color: 43 Antique oak


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