Kitchen doors with showcase an ideal choice for your kitchen with or without lighting for a high aesthetic upgrade in your kitchen furniture.

Stylish ideas for your kitchen cupboard doors !!!

Add value to your boring cabinets and use glass doors with or without lighting where your colorful dishes can be seen to pique interest and get rid of monotony. If you do not like to see the objects through the cabinets, emphasize the colored glass, they give a special color tone to both the classic kitchens and the modern ones. Colored glass doors are now very popular in modern kitchens. The smooth surface of the glass, the countless colors, the quick application make them the first choice in modern kitchens. You just have to choose what you like and what suits your kitchen and the style of your home.

Kitchen Furniture – Kitchen Doors: SILVES 

  • Kitchen door: TG1-50 & TG-53 | Exhibition Cuisine: Yianni Poly Center
  • Polymer Kitchen Door: 59 Ceramico & 107 Light grey SM | Door design : Ε1 handful


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