For lovers of the modern kitchen view that combines functionality and ergonomics, the L -shaped kitchen is the most popular choice. Preferred in areas connected to other rooms, e.g. with the living room or sitting room. It is suitable for small, medium and large spaces.

When the kitchen is spacious and open to the living room, creating a corner arrangement is a way to create highly effective designs. One of the main advantages of this type of kitchen is that it utilizes all the available space as it is formed in two consecutive walls. There is great flexibility of movements where it can be changed according to your needs and an island or a table can be added. The largest kitchen counter space is in the middle of the L, so all the small appliances are concentrated in the same place.

Get inspired for your own dream kitchen. Take time for our specialized partners to understand what you want and what you like and they in turn, will create the most ideal design of your kitchen. A good kitchen layout that can not only maximize the space, can give the functionality and ergonomics of the space needed, resulting in a pleasant living space. Take advantage of smooth surfaces, polymer doors without knobs and the 38 wonderful colors of Silves.

Make your own Silves kitchen !!!

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