If the time has come to renovate your kitchen furniture then… before turning it into a kitchen with modern decorative trends, you should get acquainted with the kitchen cabinets with Thermofoil or otherwise polymer kitchen doors.

Before proceeding with the implementation of the changes you want, it would be good to choose the style of kitchen that you want to have the final result. Planning and research can go a long way in acquainting you with new materials but also ensuring that both the design and the furniture and accessories you choose will truly transform the overall look of your home.

What are Thermofoil cabinets?

Polymer sheet is a special PVC coating used to make doors. The thin polymer sheet of PVC is coated with a special adhesive of 2 components PUR (polyurethane) and after it is spread on the surface of MDF, it is pressed in a special vacuum press which heats and at the same time absorbs and eliminates any air between the polymer sheet and MDF. This creates a very compact bond and a new product, Thermofoil, with excellent properties and applications.

Thermofoils are today considered internationally the best solution in the kitchen and wardrobe furniture industry.

SILVES is the leading company in the Greek market, which for more than two decades, we apply Thermofoil technology, for the production of quality polymer products in kitchen – closet doors, interior doors.

Advantages of kitchen cabinets with Thermofoil by Silves:

  • Durability over time and at ambient temperature. The products are for internal use only.
  • Extremely resistant to moisture
  • High design
  • Cratch resistance
  • Easy to clean and maintenance free
  • Wide range of designs and colors (38 colors)
  • SILVES polymer doors do not have seams in the shock (the 4 side sides) as their side sides are lined as a continuation of the same surface material. The result; an aesthetically pleasing door with a perfect finish on the edges without joints.
  • It is also produced not only on flat surfaces, but in classic and modern designs.
  • It is a certified ecological product. The raw materials (PVC, MDF) meet the strictest standards of suitability, as they are free of toxic substances and are the most ideal for the interior of the home and business premises.

For more information about Thermofoil or SILVES polymer doors visit the company’s website: www.silves.gr

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